Facing a Task Unfinished…

This past week, our Sunday evening service was an outdoor worship service, combined with First and Second CRCs of Pella, at West Market Park, which has been the long-time site of Mission Fest here in Pella. The service ended with the singing of the hymn “Facing a Task Unfinished.” Exciting memories of what life felt like for us just over a year ago came rushing back, as we recalled singing that same hymn together in June 2016 at Faith Church, when Jody and I and our family were commissioned to go to Nairobi, Kenya for a semester of teaching at Bridgeworld College. P1000386

We were encouraged as we sang these words again, as well as challenged: the task remains unfinished. There continue to be needs and opportunities to serve our Lord by serving people around the world; there is still work to do in spreading the gospel.

I (Ryan) am excited to be heading back to Kenya for two weeks in early September, and for this, request your prayers. If you would like to contribute towards the financial support I need, that would also be appreciated. (Click here to learn how.) I am grateful for and encouraged by the many ways God continues to provide for all our needs as we step forward in obedience to Him. Below is the official information from CRWM:


During my first week, I will be leading worship at Deliverance Church, home church of Mwaya & Munyiva wa Kitavi (Mwaya is the regional director for CRWM-Eastern and Southern Africa) as well as teaching a week-long course on the book of Daniel for the School of Preaching at Deliverance Church. Our family was able to visit Deliverance Church twice last year during our time in Kenya, and it will truly be a delight to again spend time with the church and the wa Kitavis. (Click here to read about one of our visits there last year.)

With the School of Preaching concluding on Thursday evening, I have a long weekend between my teaching commitments. A large part of ourselves that we left in Africa in 2016 concerns our son Findley, who was stillborn after 17 weeks of healthy and happy pregnancy, on October 14. I am grateful to have time over that weekend to visit his grave and reconnect with those who walked closely with us during the difficult time of his death. I also hope to worship at St. Matthew’s, our home-away-from-home church in Kenya, that Sunday, and am excited to see first-hand the progress being made on the elementary school they are building. (Click here to see pictures Rev. Komu, the vicar, recently sent to us.)

I will spend my second week in Kenya back at Bridgeworld College, teaching a week-long intensive course, From Text to Sermon: Preaching Apocalyptic Passages (Studies in Daniel and Revelation). With the help of modern technology (specifically What’s App) I have been able to stay connected with many colleagues and students at the college, and I am eager to see them again.

It promises to be a full and fulfilling two weeks. Thank you again for your partnership with me and our family in the gospel.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word.”

Colossians 4:2-3


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