Meet the wa Kitavis

While CRWM has a long and rich history of ministry in West Africa, especially in Nigeria, it has only recently begun mission and ministry work in Eastern and Southern Africa. When Mwaya & Munyiva wa Kitavi returned to Kenya in 2008 they were CRWM’s presence in Eastern and Southern Africa. Today CRWM is actively working in 13 countries in the region.

Last Sunday (September 4) we were privileged to visit the wa Kitavis in Kahawa Sukari, a Nairobi neighborhood about 45-minute taxi ride from our home in Karen. We joined them for the English service at Deliverance Church-Kahawa Sukari. Rev. Ed Tamminga, a retired CRC pastor in Nairobi to lead the “School of Preaching” at Deliverance Church this week in connection with Timothy Leadership Training, was preaching.p1350153
After worship, Mwaya gave us a tour of the CRWM-ESA offices where we saw pictures from the dedication of a dairy farm CRWM helped establish at the Pentecostal Theological College in Uganda and from past Global Prayer Safaris organized by CRWM. (The next GPS will be February 2-13, 2017 in Ugunda. Click here to learn more.) We also learned more about the Educational Care training CRWM provides Christian school teachers and the bi-annual Theological Education in Africa (TEA) conference CRWM organizes.


When we returned to the wa Kitavis, Mwaya showed us how to harvest and eat sugar cane. We learned that kahawa is the Swahili word for “coffee” and sukari, the Swahili word for “sugar,” so the neighborhood is named for the coffee and sugar cane plantations that were once there.

We enjoyed lunch with Mwaya, Munyiva, Mwaya’s mother, the wa Kitavis’ pastor and his wife (Peterson and Anne Wang’ombe) and Ed Tamminga.


The Fabers with Mwaya’s mother, Pastor Peterson, Anne and Munyiva

While we had previously met Mwaya at Bridgeworld College’s graduation ceremony, it was wonderful to also meet Munyiva, to visit their church, and to learn more about the exciting ministries of CRWM in Eastern and Southern Africa of which we are blessed to be a part.



7 thoughts on “Meet the wa Kitavis

    • They just grow a little in their garden for fun. It was fun to try it, and yes – also very encouraging and interesting to meet these missionaries and hear about their work!


  1. We are praying for you Ryan and Jody, Evan, Graeme, Torin, Bronwyn, Gwen, and Saeren – for good health and rest, safety and growth in your walk with God. Praising God for the experiences you are having. We are enjoying your blog posts.
    Praise God with us that Ken has experienced complete healing after the infection in July. Pray for unity for Faith Church and obedience to calls of service.Pray that Council will discern God’s will as leadership vacancies need to be filled.
    Love and Prayers,
    Gloria and Ken


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