Furahia Siku Ya Kuzaliwa, Graeme!


And, Happy Half-Birthday, Saeryn!

The kids were all excited to realize that everyone in our family except for Saeryn (born April 1st) would celebrate a birthday in Africa. They quickly decided that we would need to celebrate Saeryn’s half-birthday so she would not be left out of the fun. (As if you could leave a 2 year old out of anything anyway!)

Saturday, October 1st was Saeryn’s half-birthday, so celebrate we did, with a half-cake and a trip to the Nairobi Safari Walk at the Nairobi National Park. While we had seen many of these animals in the wild while out on driving safaris, it was great to get a much closer look. We also saw some rare animals, like the bongo, and some strange animals, like the pygmy hippo, which is about the size of pig – much, much smaller than the Nile hippos we saw on safari. (Click any photo to view larger slideshow)

We traveled to and from the safari walk by matatu (city bus, more or less, depending on which one you happen to be on), which was the kids’ first matatu ride in Kenya and rather an experience in itself!


The fact that this matatu is so full that the conductor/fare-taker (orange shirt) is hanging out of the doorway is not a problem! All aboard!

img_2051Sunday, October 2 was Graeme’s 11th birthday. (What on earth?! How is he 11?) The day’s festivities included a raspberry lemon cheesecake (which was a bit of a challenge – cream cheese here is different from what I am used to using, so I was relieved when the over-night refrigeration set the whole thing up very nicely, and doubly relieved when Graeme said it was “so so very yummy”), and of course, gifts.

On Monday (or “birthday boxing day”) we took a trip, again by matatu, to the Galleria, a nearby shopping center where there is a QuadBikes course. The boys enjoyed a half-hour riding the course, after which the girls enjoyed a nearby inflatable slide and trampoline. Frozen yogurt at Yogurt Planet, a great little shop in the same self-serve style as Mango Tree in Pella, topped off the afternoon.

(Open slideshow by clicking any picture)

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