Bridgeworld Retreat & Prayer Requests

Last Friday, Evan, Torin, Bronwyn, Gwennyth and I accompanied students and staff from Bridgeworld College to the Nairobi Arboretum for this semester’s student retreat and picnic. While many of the students in the social work program are familiar to me – I see them each week at chapel – I do not really know them as I do not teach any courses in that program. The retreat was a wonderful occasion to get to know them and to interact with students from the theology program in an informal, fun setting.

We travelled on a colorful Kenyan bus from the school to the arboretum, where we enjoyed the park-like grounds. Our day began with a time of worship and prayer. In keeping with the lyrics of one of the songs we sang – “We praise Him in the African way” – Anthony, one of the theology students, taught us a couple African dances. Rev. Philip, the dean of students, gave a short meditation, after which Joseph, chairman of the student council, led in a time of prayer.

For the remainder of the morning and the early part of the afternoon, we played played concentration games, jumped rope, had a tug-of-war, and ran some foot races. A lunch of chapati, buns, and bananas was enjoyed in the company of some furry little primates who were eager to join us. The afternoon ended with ice cream cones and bars bought from a vendor in the park.

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It is hard to believe that the semester is nearly over. Regular classes end on October 21. I will be teaching a special week-long intensive preaching course for the theology students from October 24-28. The following week is a reading/study break, with exams the week of November 7-11.

As the semester ends, please pray for the students at Bridgeworld College:

  • That they will successful complete their remaining assignments and other course work.
  • That God will provide the funds to pay their remaining school fees. Students with school fees owing are not allowed to sit for their examinations.
  • That they will have good concentration and recall as they prepare for their examinations.

Staff at the college is busy preparing for the next semester that begins in January. Please pray for:

  • The recruitment of new students: In addition to the current theology, social work, and counseling psychology programs, the college hopes to have sufficient enrollment for its currently dormant business management program and a new program in information technology.
  • God’s provision of qualified lecturers, especially in the theology department: For the past four years, Rev. Sungho Lee, a Korean-American missionary, has been serving as Academic Dean and lecturer in the theology department. He is leaving Kenya in mid-December for a year-long sabbatical. This past semester Rev. Lee and I taught half of the courses offered by the theology department. Our mutual departures leave the school with a significant need for qualified lecturers, as well as someone to assume Rev. Lee’s responsibilities as Academic Dean.

Please also pray for Rev. Phillip, his wife Cecilia, and their family. Cecilia will be traveling to South Korea on October 24 to undergo surgery to remove a tumor near her eye. Give thanks to God for the way prepared for Cecilia to have this surgery and for the provision of all necessary expenses.


Asafaha and Ryan

And finally, please pray for my friend Asafaha. Asafaha graduated from Bridgeworld College in August with a diploma in theology. He currently lives in a room on campus next door to my office. A few months ago, Asafaha’s father died. Recently his mother also died in Eritrea, Asafaha’s home country. Because of Asafaha’s status as a refugee in Kenya, he was not able to travel to Eritrea for either of their funerals.

“Be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” (Eph. 6:18-19)

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