Furahia siku ya kuzaliwa, Gwennyth!


Last Thursday, August 11th, Gwennyth turned 5!  Because I had to teach on Thursday morning, we had her birthday outing on Friday (or “Second Birthday” or “Birthday Boxing Day,” as we called it). We did celebrate on Thursday with cake, presents and a special birthday supper complete with Gwennyth’s all-time favorite thing to eat for supper, Kraft Mac & Cheese, imported by Jody from the United States to surprise her.

P1010747On Friday morning we walked to the Giraffe Center, run by African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. The center has Rothschild’s giraffes, which are different from the Maasai giraffes we saw on safari a couple of weeks ago. The Rothschild’s giraffe is an endangered species, and the center is both a sanctuary and breeding center for them. The older giraffes remain at the center, while their young are reintroduced to the wild. As part of their reintroduction, they spend time in a 100-acre bird sanctuary and nature preserve where we were able to hike and experience what the landscape of Nairobi was before the settlers build the city.


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Interacting with the giraffes:

Enjoying the Nature Preserve:

We loved the giraffes, and we think they liked us too!

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2 thoughts on “Furahia siku ya kuzaliwa, Gwennyth!

  1. Wow, it’s been a little while that I visited, sorry, thoughts of you, but haven’t had the chance to visit the site. Lot’s of things have happened. Cool cool pictures. How exciting. Some bumps in the road as well, glad God took care of them in big and small ways. Birthday celebrations as well to Torin and Gwen, pictures were very cute and fun. Continuing to remember you all. Blessings as you carry on.


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