Welcome to Bridgeworld College


There’s nothing like jumping right in with both feet! We arrived safely in Kenya late on Friday night and the semester at Bridgeworld College started first thing Monday morning. Here’s a glimpse of my week.


Monday – 8.30am – Weekly staff and faculty prayer meeting, followed by lots of learning about the college, its relationship with North West University in South Africa, and the courses I will be teaching this semester.

Tuesday – 10.30am – My first class! I’m teaching a 4-credit course (equivalent to 2 credit hours in US colleges) survey of church history to first year students. After introductions – I introduced myself, the students introduced themselves, and I introduced the course – I handed out an article for the students to read before our first “real” class next week.


Wednesday – 11am – Weekly chapel service. Jody and the kids were warmly welcomed at the college for chapel and morning tea. The faculty, staff and students were very glad to meet them.

Wednesday – 2pm – Actual teaching! I’m teaching an 8-credit course (equivalent to a 4 credit course in US colleges) in systematic theology to second year students. The course covers a lot of ground – the doctrines of Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and last things – so we jumped right in on Wednesday afternoon with two and a half hours of lectures.

Thursday – 9am – More actual teaching. I’m also teaching an 8-credit course in New Testament studies (the Synoptic Gospels) to first year students. As in systematic theology, we jumped right in with two and a half hours of lectures.

Friday – 2pm – Faculty meeting. I learned even more about the college, its relationship with North West University in South Africa, and the courses I will be teaching this semester, which left me with a lengthy to-do list for this week, including preparing syllabi for all of my courses, lecture notes for my students (from last week and this week), and the actual lectures for all three courses again this week.

P1000662Even though it was quite a full week, it was also very enjoyable for which I am thankful. Bridgeworld College is a wonderful place and I’m glad to be part of it.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Bridgeworld College

  1. Good to hear from you. Glad it’s going well. Once you get the first few weeks under your belt, you’ll get into a groove. Remember to explore the country with the family.

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  2. Glad and thankful that you are enjoying it as well. Hope that Jody and the rest of the family are adjusting too on the Homefront!! Blessings to you all!

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  3. Glad it’s going well but I have a ? & that is in the pic of you you’re wearing a sweater so I’m thinking maybe its their winter over there & if not I’m sure even you Canadian’s wouldn’t like the actual humidity that right now is 75% & we had 1.25 in. of rain today alone plus 2 to 3 in. earlier in the weeki.If you would’ve waited just a little longer we could’ve sent rain, humidity & heat along because by Wed. of this week the actual temp. is supposed to be 99 & stay that way till the end of the week. Yes I’m complaining but looking forward to explanation of the pic of you. Tell everyone Hi & thanks for the posts.


    • It is the coolest time of the year here, yes! It’s not really what we think of as “winter” though 😉 It’s been between 60-70 most of the time so far. I heard about the heat wave in Iowa! I don’t think we miss that. Good to hear from you Carolyn, and I always appreciate your encouragement! Thanks for the note!


  4. Sounds like a busy week but you seem like that’s your thing being busy! Thanks for the posts I really like the seeing the pictures keep them coming

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  5. Good Evening, Thanks for the blog posts and pictures. They are very much appreciated. We continue to pray for all of you. Praying that adjustments are going well, praying for patience and perseverence and blessings. Also pray for God’s love to be spread to others.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bronwyn! How awesome to celebrate God’s care and love for you, ____ years ? About 7 years maybe? Enjoy!!
    We are so thankful for Ken’s healing and recovery following infection in the urinary tract. Thursday was the last day of IV medication as outpatient here in Pella and he is feeling so much better! He plans to get out to church tomorrow for the first time since his surgery on June 16.
    We are enjoying some fresh garden produce from various sources.
    Love and Prayers,
    Gloria and Ken


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