Till We Gather Again…

June 26 was our final Sunday at Faith Church before my sabbatical started July 1. The fact that it was also Pastor Gary’s farewell Sunday made it especially emotional. Serving with Gary and Margo has been a big part of the blessing that ministry at Faith Church is for us. It’s hard to imagine that they won’t be at Faith Church when we come back in late November.

In our June 26 morning service I offered the words of this song as a blessing to Gary & Margo, Hayley and Skylar as they move to Des Moines and serve at Meredith Drive Reformed Church, and I offered them as  Jody’s and my prayer for Faith Church during our time in Africa. They are also our prayer for all of our family and friends in North America over the next five months.

I first learned this song at the Transforming Center when I participated in their Transforming Community program. The leaving service with which each of our quarterly retreats concluded always ended with the community singing this song to one another.


May God bless you and keep you, 

every step along the way, 

gently guiding and loving you, 

till we gather again.



1 thought on “Till We Gather Again…

  1. Unfortunately, the you tube link is not working, but the prayer and sentiment remains. May God bless you as a family and you Ryan as you teach at Bridgetown, the people you will bless and be blessed by and all of us until we meet again.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing how God will work for His glory through you and this great (ad)venture!


    Aunt Jeri and Uncle Clarence


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