Happening Now:

It feels pretty crazy that we’re actually at this stage of the trip!  Just a few more carry-on bags to fill, and we’ll be ready!  Praying for a good night’s sleep.


Best part of these might be that our second son’s name didn’t fit on completely. But, he IS pretty FAB, so it works 🙂


Thank God with us for fun and uplifting times with friends in these past few days – just enough distraction to keep us from obsessing over all.the.things.

5 thoughts on “Happening Now:

  1. Yes, have a peaceful sleep tonight all. It seems strange to know we won’t see you for a “while”.
    Our prayers are with you.


  2. God Bless all of you! I’m sure all members of your family will have many new experiences & we are looking forward to see your posts about them. I can’t imagine what an undertaking it must be to take all the things you might need for the next 5 monthsfor your family of eight. Jody & you always seem like you have everything under control & are so open about the challenges you face raising your 6 kids. Praying that all goes well & I’m sure all your kids will grow physically as well.
    Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.


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