“I Shall Not Want”

IMG_0907But … we *do* want, don’t we? And we do have needs.  We are painfully aware that we are weak and witless sheep.  We know we are unable to fend for ourselves, to meet all of our needs on our own.  So what are we to make of Psalm 23:1, even as we bring these needs to God?  This verse was the topic of Sunday morning’s message at our church.  The bottom line is that God has given us Himself, as explained in the first part of the verse.  “The Lord is my shepherd.”  When we begin to grasp this, the implication becomes “therefore, what more could I possibly want?”

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”

It can feel a bit trite, to say that since God has given Himself to us, we need nothing else – even though that is absolutely true.  Thinking more about who God is, though, helps me to understand *why* it is so true.  God is our Provider; Scripture tells this over and over, I know, but still I find myself asking, “Is He really? How?”  I was encouraged by a friend to write down specific instances where I saw God as Provider in preparations for our time in Kenya, even the little things.  So, here is a reminder to myself that not only are my needs are known to my Father, but He is already working to meet them!

A few weeks ago, Evan and I popped into a thrift store by our house to look for soccer shoes, and we noticed some large pieces of luggage there. We looked them over, considered the prices, and decided to get just one of them.  I remarked to Evan, “these other two are really nice, but I wish they were half the price.” We got to the check-out, and the clerk looked over our purchases, then began ringing them up. “These shoes with the orange tag are 75% off today, and all your green tags are 50% off,” she commented. Guess what was 50% off — “half the price” — every piece of the luggage! Evan looked at me with huge eyes, and pretty much sprinted back to get them from the shelf.  It was the coolest thing that he was there with me to see this happen, and that we could laugh together in thankfulness, noting that this, right here, was God meeting our needs before we even asked Him.

When I start worrying over things that we “need” over the next couple of months, such as dates for doctor appointments that seem too late, or financial deadlines, or a cat that dislikes all people except our family, or ______ – and when I feel like that list of needs could go on and on, I want to remember that I need not be merely a weak and witless sheep.  I will be a trusting sheep, a sheep following the Shepherd, who, by giving Himself, has already met every.single.need. I’ve ever had, and ever will have.

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